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Suspension Springs
2016-22 MX-5 ND Soft Top

Part Number: 54087

Price: $274.08


Suspension Springs - 2016-22 MX-5 ND Soft Top - Detail 1Suspension Springs - 2016-22 MX-5 ND Soft Top - Detail 2Suspension Springs - 2016-22 MX-5 ND Soft Top - Detail 3

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Suspension Springs
2016-22 MX-5 ND Soft Top

Racing Beat Suspension Springs
MX-5 Miata ND Soft Top - Set of Four

Racing Beat has continued to offer suspension springs for the Miata for over 25 years! Our Racing Beat springs for the MX-5 ND soft top application were designed for use for either street or track and are compatible with all stock shocks. Designed with a modest rate increase of 20% front and rear, these rates work effectively with either stock or aftermarket shocks to provide an improvement in handling performance.

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As with all Racing Beat springs, these springs are produced from our long-time supplier in Japan to our exact specifications. These utilize the latest spring making technology and materials, and are finished in our distinctive Racing Beat "red" powder coat finish.

RB Spring Rates (linear):
Front - 185 lb/in
Rear - 113 lb/in

Ride Height
As tested on our 2016 MX-5 Club (w/Bilstein), expected ride height drops are as follows:
Front - 1.375" - 1.5"
Rear - .75" - .875"

Ride Quality
As seen in the detail photos, we've installed these springs on our Bilstein shock equipped MX-5 Club model MX-5. The photos shown a nicely proportioned stance with reasonable tire clearance. Ride quality is still very comfortable, with a noticeable tightness and firmness - but never harsh or tiresome. Ideally configured for a daily driven car or for occasional track use, these springs offer a noticeable suspension improvement without being overbearing, beating up your backside, or drawing complaints from you passenger. We've also combined these springs with our Racing Beat front and rear sway bars, this combination has completely transformed the ND's handling performance from street-mild to a serious performer.

Ride Height Note:
Your ride height drop will depend on the exact stock spring and shock combination on your MX-5 as offered by Mazda. It is very common for Mazda to offer numerous spring part numbers for each MX-5 model year vehicle and vehicle model. Trying to determine the exact Mazda spring that was equipped on your MX-5, and how it compares to another part number spring for the same year is extremely challenging! Our point, the starting ride height of your MX-5 may be different than the starting point ride height of our MX-5 - and it may be different than another model introduced next year. Add in the variables of tire selection, vehicle weight, specific shocks, the age of the shock and suspension rubber components, how you take your measurements, installation techniques, etc.. and the task becomes even more complex. For this reason we'll state our ride ride drop as a range, but we always give the possibility of an additional +/- "unknown factor" that may further impact ride height.





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