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Suspension Package
06-08 MX-5

Part Number: SuspensionPackageMX5

Reg. Price: $662.97
Sale Price: $596.67


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Suspension Package
06-08 MX-5

Suspension Package for the 2006-08 Miata MX-5 NC (except PR Hard Top models) - Now's your chance to transform your Miata into a slalom-slicing screamer! One of the first steps that can be taken to improve the handling characteristics of any Miata is the addition of larger diameter sway bars and a set of performance lowering springs.

The Racing Beat Suspension Package includes:

Street Springs - Set of Four
Solid Front Sway Bar
Rear Sway Bar

Racing Beat has incorporated 30 years of racing experience in the design of our suspension products. All of our suspension components are designed by Racing Beat exclusively for the Miata and will improve the handling of your car dramatically.

It has been long recognized that a good set of performance tires will have the biggest impact on a car's handling. The next step to improve the handling of your car is to reduce body roll through the use of performance sway bars and suspension springs. Body roll occurs when one side of the suspension is compressed while the other side extends. The use of larger diameter sway bars limits the body-roll of a car by making it harder for the driver-side and passenger-side suspensions to move in opposite directions.

Another method used to achieve less body roll is through the use of stiffer suspension springs. A stiffer spring will compress less than the stock spring when subjected to the equal amount of cornering force. Less compression on the outside edge of the car results in less body roll. (To fully optimize the performance capabilities of these springs, we suggest that you consider replacing your stock shocks with a set of performance shocks. Tired, worn shocks may not be able to absorb the increased action that a new performance spring will deliver.)

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