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Sway Bar - Tubular Rear
16-24 MX-5 ND

Part Number: 54126

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Sway Bar - Tubular Rear
16-24 MX-5 ND

MX-5 ND Rear Sway Bar - Tubular

Racing Beat's tubular rear sway bar for the MX-5 ND has been designed as a matched-component for use with our ND front bar. Designed and manufactured by Racing Beat, the stiffness of this bar is 3.7 times greater than the stock .433" OD stock bar.

The diameter of the Racing Beat tubular rear bar is 5/8" OD x .188" wall, weighs 2.6 lbs. (Stock comparison: 2.2 lbs.) and features three (3) end link attachment holes. Each sway bar is supplied with replacement urethane bushings and clamps, lateral bar stopper bushings, lubricating grease, and detailed installation instructions. Actual MX-5 ND rear bar shown in photo.

When adding high performance suspension components to any vehicle, the result is an increased demand on the vehicle's stock components. We have designed these high performance sway bar components to complement and further enhance your vehicle's performance. We strongly recommend you consider your specific driving requirements when upgrading your vehicle's suspension and select components accordingly.

Shipping Note:
When ordering a front and rear bar combination, we'll place BOTH bars in the same box. You'll only be charged shipping for ONE item.

Made in the USAMade in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.

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