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Sway Bar Package
16-22 MX-5 ND

Part Number: SuspensionPackageMX5NDSway

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Sway Bar Package
16-22 MX-5 ND

Racing Beat In-House Sway Bar Production

ND Front Bar Installation Highlights

Sway bar set for 2016-2022 MX-5 ND
Racing Beat-designed tubular sway bars reduce chassis roll during cornering and increases your car's sensitivity to steering inputs, thereby improving maximum cornering power. Substantial engineering effort, select steel alloys, and precise manufacturing processes are combined to produce top performance components.

The matched-set front and rear sway bars is an ideal way to dramatically improve the handling of your Miata without sacrificing ride quality. If you use your Miata primarily as a daily driven car with occasional trips to the track or your favorite mountain road, the Racing Beat bar combination is well-suited for your needs.

Racing Beat has refined 45 years of racing experience and undisputed successes into the design of our Miata suspension components. From a MotorTrend Magazine (RB 1990 Miata) all-time slalom record (73.6 MPH), to a Sport Compact Car (RB 1999 Miata ) skidpad record (1.1g), Racing Beat suspension components have proven themselves on both the street and track.

MX-5 ND Front Sway Bar - Tubular
Racing Beat's sway bars for the MX-5 ND offers you the ability to further tune your suspension to match additional suspension upgrades or to suit your particular driving style. It's well noted that Mazda designed the MX-5 ND with a noticable amount of body roll in an effort to enchance driver feel, but this amount of roll isn't best suited for high performance driving. Take back control of your MX-5 by upgrading both front and rear sway bars and flatten the car during cornering, improve tranisition speed, and increase cornering power.

Designed and manufactured in-house by Racing Beat, our history with Mazda aftermarket sway bar applications extends over four decades! The Racing Beat 1.125" OD tubular sway bar (.188" wall) is designed to improve the handling characteristics of your MX-5 for use on the street and track. By design, the Racing Beat MX-5 ND tubular bar is 3.39 times stiffer than the stock 23mm (.896") bar. Offered with three (3) end link mounting hole positions, the Racing Beat MX-5 ND sway bar can be further fine-tuned as required to alter the handling characteristics of the MX-5. 

MX-5 ND Rear Sway Bar - Tubular
Racing Beat's tubular rear sway bar for the MX-5 ND has been designed as a matched-component for use with our ND front bar. Designed and manufactured by Racing Beat, the stiffness of this bar is 3.7 times greater than the stock .433" OD stock bar.

The diameter of the Racing Beat tubular rear bar is 5/8" OD x .188" wall, weighs 2.6 lbs. (Stock comparison: 2.2 lbs.) and features three (3) end link attachment holes. Each sway bar is supplied with replacement urethane bushings and clamps, lateral bar stopper bushings, lubricating grease, and detailed installation instructions. 

Actual MX-5 ND bars shown in photo.

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