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Hawk Black Pads
79-85 RX-7 12A - Rear

RB Part Number: 14510


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Hawk Black Pads
79-85 RX-7 12A - Rear

*Hawk has stopped stocking this item and is now special order only, which can take 1 month minimum. No returns will be allowed for this item.*

Hawk Black Brake Pads - Rear - 79-85 RX-7 12A GSL (HB151 M .505) Special Order Item - We offer Hawk Brake race-application brake pads for a variety of Mazda high performance applications. Hawk Brake's Ferro-Carbon semi-metallic brake pad compounds are designed to withstand the extremes of race conditions.

Race Compound
Black Y-5 - Medium Duty Race -
Intended for race applications only, this medium torque compound is designed to be a good, all-purpose, reasonably priced racing pad. Well-suited for Solo II and road racing applications.
Can be used for rear pads, in conjunction with a higher coefficient front pad to alter brake bias, or to reduce rear lock-up. Temperature range - 100-900F.

Hawk Street Brake Pads Hawk Racing Pads
High Performance Street (HPS)
- Very low brake dust
- High friction/torque hot or cold
- Virtually noise free
- Long rotor life
- Much improved performance over OEM Pads
- Long pad life
Racing Only - Black
- Low/medium torque compound
- Good, all purpose racing pad
- Better pedal modulation than Blue pads
- Temp range: 100-900 F
High Performance Street (HPS 5.0)
- Pushing the limits of ABS
- Minimal fade under higher temps
- High friction/torque hot or cold
- Improved pedal feel from initial pressure
- Very quiet, low noise
- Gentle on rotors
- Much improved performance over OEM Pads
- Extended pad life
Racing Only - Blue 9012
- Medium/high torque compound
- Excellent brake modulation
- #1 selling pad for SCCA
- Temp range: 250-1000 F
Street & Track - HP Plus
- Very high friction output
- Streetable pad
- Well suited for Autocross & track day events
- Modest noise and dust
- Increased rotor wear versus HPS pads!
- Can be used to drive to/from track
- Temp range: 100-800 F

Hawk recommends if another brand of carbon pad has been used on rotors previously, before using any Hawk compound pads, resurface or replace the rotors. For best results, Hawk recommends that the new rotors be burnished with used Hawk pads.

Use of these or any high-coefficient/high temperature pads will, over a period of use, create -heat checks- or small cracks in the rotor surface. These generally will occur only on the front rotors. These cracks should be monitored on a regular basis as they will eventually widen and/or extend toward the rotors outer edge. Cars without brake ducting (i.e., showroom stock) may see this process occur even faster. With continued use, heat checked rotors could shatter. Heat checked rotors should be replaced before cracks reach approximately 1-inch from rotor edge (or if cracks grow excessively).

For racing applications where a rear lock-up problem exists, we recommend the use of a brake bias adjuster. Without a bias adjuster, another way to reduce rear lock-up is to use a lower coefficient compound in the rear. For example, use a Hawk BLUE (H3) compound in the front and the Black Y5 (H2) or HP Plus (H1) compound in the rear.

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