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Power Pulse RX-7 Muffler
81-82 RX-7

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Power Pulse RX-7 Muffler - 81-82 RX-7 - Detail 1Power Pulse RX-7 Muffler - 81-82 RX-7 - Detail 2

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Power Pulse RX-7 Muffler
81-82 RX-7

1981-82 RX-7 Power Pulse Main Muffler
Racing Beat has been manufacturing replacement mufflers for rotary-powered vehicles for over 45 years! Ordinary replacement mufflers don't stand a chance against the extreme temperatures and pounding exhaust gas pulsation generated by the rotary engine and many replacement RX-7 mufflers will quickly burn up standard packing material and self-destruct under these harsh conditions.

The Racing Beat Power Pulse RX-7 muffler is a large diameter high-flow muffler designed for stock and "street-ported" engines in the 1981-1982 RX-7 chassis. Designed and manufactured by Racing Beat, our RX-7 Power Pulse muffler consists of two 1.75-inch OD tubes that feed into a high capacity stainless steel muffler canister. Dual outlet tubes directly exhaust gases through twin polished stainless steel muffler tips. Each muffler has been configured with self-aligning muffler hangers, however, we strongly recommend the use of new replacement hangers when installing a replacement muffler on any older chassis.

The use use of stainless steel materials, combined with heavy-duty construction, both internally and externally, ensures a long life for your upgraded muffler. In a typical application, our Power Pulse muffler adds up to 5 HP over the Mazda RX-7 factory muffler while providing an improved exhaust note - deep and throaty, with no annoying metallic character. Fully emissions legal, this muffler bolts to the outlet of the either the Mazda stock connecting pipe, or the Racing Beat "Street Port" Center section: 79-85 RX-7 12A & 13B (except GSL-SE) or 84-85 RX-7 13B GSL-SE.

A replacement gasket is not included, but is available separately if needed.

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