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O-Ring Kit
74-85 12A

RB Part Number: 1757-23-040B


Price: $256.24


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O-Ring Kit
74-85 12A

Racing Beat offers the Mazda Part Number 1757-23-040B - complete O-Ring Kit - for the 79-85 12A rotay engine, at a very competitive price. These kits, as delivered, contain the Mazda OEM components - OEM components are absolutely critical for a successful engine build. The last thing any engine builder wants is to tear down a recently built engine due to the failure of poor-quality aftermarket components, which in turn can lead to the forced replacement of other expensive components.

The 1757-23-040B - complete O-Ring Kit includes: (4) Inner and (4) Outer Water Jacket O-rings; complete set of tension bolt washers; and O-Rings for the dowel pins, rear stationary gear, primary air bleeds, metering pump, front cover oil passage with the Teflon support ring.

O-ring kit picture from 93-95 O-ring kit.   

Genuine Mazda PartGenuine Mazda Part.
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