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J-Bridge Intake Porting Service

Part Number: 11410

Price: $1,079.93


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J-Bridge Intake Porting Service

J-Bridge Intake Porting (except 6-port intakes) by Racing Beat - Racing Beat offers intake porting services as a convenience to our customers. Price includes porting labor charges. Read details regarding these services as follows:

J-Bridge Intake Porting is a race porting technique that involves adding a second port alongside the main port. The J-Bridge features a larger bridge port as compared to the standard bridge and provides improved high RPM flow, but requires that the water O-ring be cut. The bridge between the ports is left so that the corner seals and apex seals will be held in position as they pass by this area. The modification adds approximately 150 degrees of intake duration and overlap for increased high-RPM power. Depending on the intake system, such porting commonly peaks in power at over 9,000 RPM.

The Bridge Intake Port/Rotor Housing Match process must be performed on the rotor housings whenever our Bridge Intake Port is used. This modification cuts "notches" in the edges of a pair of rotor housings to allow the Bridge Port to operate effectively. Two different models of the matching process are available to suit the Bridge Port style. See the listing for "Standard Bridge Port/Housing Match" (PN 11420) for pricing details.

These services are performed at Racing Beat's production facility in Anaheim, California. Prices listed are for labor charges only. Return shipment freight charges are not included in the listed price.

Contact Racing Beat at (714) 779-8677 (M-F, 8-5 PST) for further technical information, scheduling, turn-around times, payment methods, and shipping information.


* Legal in California only for racing vehicles, which may never be used upon a highway.
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