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Rotor Muffler

Part Number: 16031

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Rotor Muffler

Racing Beat's REV 25 Rotor Muffler - Here's a Racing Beat exclusive, a Mazda Furai-inspired rotor-shaped universal muffler for use with your custom exhaust system. The Racing Beat designed REV25 muffler is produced entirely from stainless steel 304-stainless steel materials and features an inlet/outlet sleeve (2.5" ID) suitable for use with 2.5" OD tubing or exhaust tips. (We also offer a 3" OD muffler for turbo applications.)

Initially designed by Jim Mederer, Racing Beat's chief engineer, for use on the Mazda Furai concept project, the REV25 muffler can be used for almost any custom exhaust project. The overall length of the canister is 13" L and 7.25" Wide/High. The internal core of the REV25 features a stainless-steel perforated tube, surrounded by tightly packed ceramic wool material. This high temperature ceramic wool provides superior sound suppression.

We strongly suggest you incorporate a rotary-specific presilencer unit in your custom exhaust system to further reduce the exhaust tone produced by the rotary engine.

Here's a great link showing our original rotor-shaped muffler in action on the Mazda Furai.


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