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Mallory/MSD 4070M Fuel Pump

RB Part Number: 18150


Price: $330.00


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Mallory/MSD 4070M Fuel Pump

The Mallory/MSD 4070M Fuel Pump (MSD 22256)  (shown with optional regulator) is an ideal unit for use with the Holley and Weber carburetor units that we offer. The Mallory 4070M pump is a high-pressure, 12-volt fuel pump that delivers 70+ GPH (free flow) and contains an internal bypass regulator set at the Racing Beat recommended 6 PSI. This pump features 3/8" NPT thread sizes, and a 5/16" feed line is recommended. (Hose fittings are not supplied with this pump.)

If the vehicle will be used for racing applications, (especially drag racing) adding an optional return-style Mallory/MSD Regulator and blocking off the internal bypass in the pump (and allowing the pump pressure to increase) is recommended. (Blocking components are supplied with this regulator.) This set-up will greatly reduce the pressure drop off that can occur during sustained full-throttle runs. A 3/8" return fuel line is recommended for use with this regulator. (Hose fittings are not included.)


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Mallory/MSD 4309 Fuel Pressure Regulator

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