Early Rotary & 1979-85 Mazda RX-7

Early Rotary & 1979-85 Mazda RX-7 : Intake Weber

A Weber IDA carburetor set-up has proven to be ideal for use on many rotary engine applications. Well-suited for track and high RPM performance applications where the use of cold-weather choke is not required, the simplicity and reliability of a  Weber carburetor configured intake kit has been popular with rotary engine enthusiasts for years.

Racing Beat offers both the stock 48 IDA and a Racing Beat rotary-tuned "51IDA" carburetor and intake manifolds for a variety of rotary applications, review our comprehensive Weber Rotary-Intake Reference Guide to get started.

Weber Carburetor

Weber Carburetor :: 48 IDA Down Draft

Both the elegant design and the simplicity in the maintenance of the Weber 48 IDA Carburetor have proven to be compelling reasons as to why the Weber name has remained so popular over the years. This Weber 48 IDA unit is primarily suited for various race ... »more

Part Number: 16601
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Weber Carburetor

Weber Carburetor :: 51 IDA Down Draft

Weber 51mm IDA Down Draft Carburetor Racing Beat-modified The Racing Beat Weber 51mm IDA carburetor is the result of extensive in-house modifications to a standard Weber 48 IDA carburetor. Developed decades ago as the result of in-house dyno testing and ... »more

Part Number: 16602
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Weber IDA Main Fuel Jet

Weber IDA Main Fuel Jet

Weber Main Fuel Jet We offer Weber fuel jet sizings from 115 to 260 for your fine tuning needs. Follow this link for a listing of tuning recommendations for various rotary engine applications. (PDF) Each jet is priced individually. Weber carburetors&... »more

Part Number: 16618
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Weber IDA Air Jet

Weber IDA Air Jet

Weber Main Air Jet We offer Weber air jet sizing from 100 to 250 for your fine tuning needs. Follow this link for a listing of tuning recommendations for various rotary engine applications. (PDF) Each jet is priced individually. Weber carburetors ... »more

Part Number: 16619
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Weber IDA Emulsion Tube

Weber IDA Emulsion Tube

Weber IDA Emulsion Tube Emulsion tubes are incorporated into both the main and progressive circuits of a Weber IDA carburetor. The purpose of the emulsion tube is to "bubble" the fuel and slow the air/fuel mixture. Without this important feature... »more

Part Number: 16604
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Weber IDA 300 Needle and Seat

Weber IDA 300 Needle and Seat

Weber Need and Seat We offer the 300 Needle and Seat for Weber IDA carburetors.  1 required per Weber carburetor.  »more

Part Number: 16611
Our Price $28.79 ADD »

Weber IDA Venturi

Weber IDA Venturi :: Assorted Sizes

Racing Beat Venturies for Weber IDA Carburetors These Racing Beat-manufactured replacement venturies can be used in either a standard Weber 48 IDA or a Racing Beat 51IDA Weber carburetor. Our design has been refined over the decades through ... »more

Part Number: Venturi
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Weber Air Horns - Pair

Weber Air Horns - Pair :: Racing Beat 51 IDA

Weber 51 IDA Air Horns - Pair These spun-aluminum air horns are intended for use on a Racing Beat-modified Weber 51 IDA carburetor and include a hold-down bead and all required mounting hardware. These air horns can be retrofitted to all Racing Beat ... »more

Part Number: 16608
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Weber Accelerator Cable Linkage

Weber Accelerator Cable Linkage :: 48/51 IDA (Bell Crank)

The Weber Accelerator Cable Linkage (bell crank style) is compatible with the Weber 48IDA and 51 IDA carburetors and is intended for Left-Hand drive rotary chassis using a Left-Hand drive-configured manifold. This linkage mounts to the end of the throttle... »more

Part Number: 16622
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Weber Carb Base/Phenolic Spacer Gasket

Weber Carb Base/Phenolic Spacer Gasket

The Weber Carburetor Base and Phenolic Spacer Gaskets are used at the base of the carburetor, or on either side of the phenolic spacer. Sold individually, order the quantity required for your specific application. (Note: Two gaskets per manifold are ... »more

Part Number: 16487
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Phenolic Intake Spacer

Phenolic Intake Spacer :: 48 IDA & 51 Weber IDA Carb

The Weber 48/51 IDA Phenolic Intake Spacers can be installed under a 48/51 IDA carburetor to increase the intake manifold length for special applications. Test have shown that up to three spacers per barrel can be used to move the torque peak down about ... »more

Part Number: 16621
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Weber Throttle Linkage Kit

Weber Throttle Linkage Kit :: 48/51 IDA Carburetor

Weber 48/51IDA Throttle Linkage Kit This kit contains three important components for use during the installation of a Weber 48 or 51 IDA carburetor: Throttle Cable Bracket This polished stainless steel throttle cable bracket mounts to the base of the ... »more

Part Number: 16620
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Weber Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Weber Carburetor Rebuild Kit :: 48 IDA /Racing Beat 51 IDA

This genuine Weber Carburetor Rebuild Kit (Part number 92.1632.05) is intend for use on a Weber 48 IDA or Racing Beat-51IDA carburetor. For a view of the parts included with the kit access the PDF drawing from the above link. Parts included are: Top Cover... »more

Part Number: 16623
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K/N Air Filter Assembly

K/N Air Filter Assembly :: Weber 48/51 IDA

This simple and well-designed K&N Air Filter Assembly Kit (K&N Part Number 56-1210) has proven to be extremely popular with 48 IDA and 51 IDA owners. The kit cleanly accommodates a high-flow K&N filter element onto the Weber 48/51 IDA ... »more

Part Number: 16625
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K/N Filter Recharger Kit

K/N Filter Recharger Kit

The K&N Recharger Kit is designed to clean and re-oil any K&N filter. A two-step process is used to clean and re-oil the filter for repeated use. Simply remove the filter element from the car, spray on the cleaning solution, let sit for a few ... »more

Part Number: 55019.1
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Air Horn Screens - 70mm

Air Horn Screens - 70mm :: Weber Intake 48/51 IDA

Air Horn Intake Screens (Priced and sold as a pair) - 48/51IDA Weber carburetor Nothing invokes memories of early racing days than the classic look of a simple intake air screen mounted atop an aggressive looking carbuertor intake horn. The mechanical ... »more

Part Number: 16627
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Front Engine Mount
12A RX-7

Racing Beat's Front Engine Mount is a popular addition to any engine compartment! This 304-stainless steel, laser-...


Our Price: $152.81

Power Pulse Air Filter Assembly
1971-85 Stock

Racing Beat's dyno-proven Power Pulse Air Filter Assembly, for all 1971-85 Stock Carburetor Bodies, is designed ...


Our Price: $109.15

Sway Bar - Adjustable Rear
79-85 RX-7

1979-85 RX-7 Adjustable Rear Sway Bar - The Racing Beat adjustable sway bar kit is a fully comprehensive kit that ...


Our Price: $287.43

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