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Weber IDA Emulsion Tube

Part Number: 16604

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Weber Emulsion Tube (2 req):


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Weber IDA Emulsion Tube

Weber IDA Emulsion Tube

Emulsion tubes are incorporated into both the main and progressive circuits of a Weber IDA carburetor. The purpose of the emulsion tube is to "bubble" the fuel and slow the air/fuel mixture. Without this important feature the carburetor would run progressively richer as flow increases. The emulsion tube is a complex design and moderates fuel flow through outside diameter of the tube, number of holes in the tube, orientation of holes, and the volume of air passing through the air-correction jet install in the tube. 

Selection of tube can be challenging, the Weber numbering system has no bearing on any of the parameters listed above. We recommend you review the following chart for our Racing Beat recommendations for specific carburetor/application configurations:

Follow this link for a listing of tuning recommendations for various rotary engine applications. (PDF)

We offer Weber emulsion tubes in various sizings. 

Each tube is priced and sold individually. 2 required per carburetor. 

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