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Street Rotary

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Street Rotary

Street Rotary - by Mark Warner (170 pages, 400+ photos & illustrations - 8.5" x 11") - Good books about the RX-7 and the rotary engine are hard to find, so when a new one is released we'll be the first to give it a review. When we discover one as good as this, we'll give it a hardy thumbs up!

We must admit we did have a bit of an advanced notice about this book. The author, Mark Warner, had contacted Racing Beat back in 2007 looking for photos, diagrams, illustrations, etc.. for use in this publication. We invited him down to our shop, showed him the boxes and boxes of RB archive photos, and then turned him loose. After a day of looking and searching, he left with an armful of valuable information.

HP Books - Street Rotary provides valuable technical information and details about all aspects of the 12A, 13B and RENESIS rotary engine. Emphasis is placed on consideration of specific components that will prove both performance and reliability. The author reveals the tips and techniques used by performance shops to modify all generations of the rotary-powered RX-7 & RX-8. Anyone considering an engine rebuild project should certainly consider this economical reference guide as a "must have" item!

All areas of performance are covered, including: Intake and exhaust porting, internal engine components, exhaust and intake systems, fuel and engine management systems, ignition, oil, cooling, forced induction and NOS injection, and much more! Almost every page contains one or more photographs clearly illustrating the product or part that is being referenced in the text.

Each section is presented in a factual and comparative format based upon the real-life experiences of tuners and performance shops. The author outlines critical steps to take during an upgrade, and areas to avoid in order to prevent costly mistakes. Also included is a comprehensive list of rotary tuner shops and an extensive resource guide for many of the parts that are referenced in the handbook.


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