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Road Race Header -Stainless Steel
86-88 RX-7

Part Number: 16134

Price: $445.50

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Road Race Header -Stainless Steel
86-88 RX-7

Road Race Header - 1986-88 RX-7 13B 6-Port

Making their return to the Racing Beat line-up are these beautifully crafted stainless steel rotary engine exhaust headers. The Racing Beat Road Race Header is constructed using mandrel-bent 2" OD 304-grade stainless steel tubing, then polished to a mirror-like shine for a dazzling appearance. The unique Racing Beat designed engine-to-header and the header outlet flanges are cast from 304-stainless steel and surface machined and polished to ensure optimum exhaust gas sealing. These flanges are unique to Racing Beat's headers and have been designed to offer superior mounting and sealing qualities.

This header is intended for use on all 1986-82 RX-7 13B non-turbo (6-port intake) applications and can be used as the starting component in a custom race exhaust, or mated to the inlet of the Racing Beat Road Race Presilencer section. This header includes a back-pressure pickup tube to allow the correct operation of the 6-port intake acutators equipped on the 1986-88 RX-7 6-port engine. If your engine doesn't not require the use of the 6-port actutors (they've been removed or disabled), then you can use the 1989-92 Racing Beat Road Race Header (w/o the pickup tube) as an alternative.

This header weighs approximately 10 lbs as compared with our 15 lb steel version. Outlet flange gaskets, bolts, and nuts are included. Engine-to-pipe gaskets are not included, but are available separately. An Air Control and Check Valve Cover Plate is required when using this header with a stock intake system. An oxygen sensor fitting is included on this header.

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