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Race Down Pipe / Presilencer Kit
86-88 RX-7 NT - Manual *

Part Number: 16206

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Race Down Pipe / Presilencer Kit - 86-88 RX-7 NT - Manual - Detail 1Race Down Pipe / Presilencer Kit - 86-88 RX-7 NT - Manual - Detail 2

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Race Down Pipe / Presilencer Kit
86-88 RX-7 NT - Manual *

Race Down Pipe with Presilencer - 1986-88 RX-7 Coupe Non-Turbo (w/Manual Transmission) - The 1986-92 13B 6-port engines, in stock form with the factory fuel injection, produces similar power gains with either our Header/Presilencer combo or our RX-7 Race Down Pipe/Presilencer combination. If you have no intentions of installing our Holley intake System (or any other aftermarket carb set-up), we recommend the use of the down pipe/Presilencer combo since it offers a slightly quieter exhaust note, is easier to install and less costly. If you are intending to upgrade the intake or fuel injection system, the Header/Presilencer combo offers the greatest performance potential.

The Down Pipe/Presilencer combination incorporates a 2.5-inch O.D. Down Pipe and our perforated stainless steel core and stainless steel wool-packed Presilencer to boost power approximately 13% - an 18 horsepower increase on a 1987 RX 7- and maintain a comfortable exhaust noise level during full power driving.

The replacement front pipe connects to the factory exhaust manifold, and the presilencer connects to the factory Y-pipe, replacing all catalytic converters and intermediate tubing. It is not possible to use just the down pipe to replace only the catalytic converters. The use of the presilencer is required to complete the connection to the y-pipe. Although a short length of tubing can be substituted in place of the presilencer, we do not offer (or suggest) this due the unacceptable increase in exhaust noise.

The RX-7 presilencer is equipped with an exhaust back-pressure tube for correct operation of the 6-port actuators. Installation of this requires the removal of the air control and check valve and the air pump. This kit includes all necessary mounting hardware, air control & check valve cover plate, and gaskets (1 Back Pressure Pick-up and 3 Replacement Pipe-to-Presilencer gaskets). If the exhaust manifold outlet or Y-pipe gaskets are needed, refer to the "Exhaust Gaskets" section of the site for suitable replacements. We also offer the Down Pipe separately for those building custom exhaust systems.

Replacement Rubber Exhaust Hangers

It is our experience that the stock rubber hangers that support the exhaust system can deteriorate and crack with age. We suggest the replacement of these hangers when installing replacement exhaust components. If needed, we provide the Mazda replacement rubber hanger for use with your Presilencer unit.

* Legal in California only for racing vehicles, which may never be used upon a highway.
  What does this mean? Click Frequently Asked Questions About Emission Laws And Regulations.
Made in the USAMade in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.

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