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Exhaust Air Injection Modification
Street/ Race *

Part Number: 11305

Price: $72.77

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Exhaust Air Injection Modification
Street/ Race *

Racing Beat's Exhaust Air Injection Passage Plugging modification process for 1976 and later rotor housings blocks the fresh air passage which runs from the exhaust outlet flange surface to the bottom of the exhaust port. Two versions of this modification are offered: One for stock or streetable exhaust ported rotor housings and another for race exhaust ported housings. In the first case, not only is an aluminum plug pressed into the passage, but a small disc of metal is welded into the hole at the bottom of the steel sleeve in the exhaust port to smooth the exhaust gas flow. In the second case, since the sleeve was previously removed, only the aluminum plug is installed, but it is driven in deep enough to allow it to be cut off flush in the port.

This modification is not very important for 1976 to 1980 rotor housings if you use our header since this header covers the passage at the engine-to-header interface. However, if this modification is not done to 1981 and later housings, and if a stock intake manifold is used on the engine, the hot exhaust can back-flow up the intake manifold and heat it, creating an undesirable situation.

Price does not include rotor housings or porting.

This service is performed at Racing Beat's production facility in Anaheim, California. Prices listed are for labor charges only. Return shipment freight charges are not included in the listed price.

Contact Racing Beat at (714) 779-8677 (8-12, 1-5 PST) for further technical information, scheduling, turn-around times and shipping information.

* Legal in California only for racing vehicles, which may never be used upon a highway.
  What does this mean? Click Frequently Asked Questions About Emission Laws And Regulations.
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