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Race Pipe
93-95 RX-7 *

Part Number: 16222

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Race Pipe
93-95 RX-7 *

1993-95 RX-7 Race Pipe*

The Racing Beat Race Pipe is intended to replace the mid-pipe (primary catalytic converter) section on the 1993-95 RX-7. This Race Pipe is produced in-house by Racing Beat and features a 3" OD stainless steel presilencer unit, 3" OD stainless steel tubing, and cast 304 stainless steel flanges.

The Racing Beat RX-7 Race Pipe includes replacement gasket and mounting hardware. An optional replacement rubber hanger is available if needed, see below.

For racing applications we suggest the removal of the emissions control air pump, which is no longer required after the installation of the Race Pipe. After removal of the pump, you will need to source a shorter replacement drive belt.

As an alternative to removing the air pump, simply unplug the pump and remove the supply line tubing from the chassis. If desired, a block-off plate can be installed on the pump outlet.


* Legal in California only for racing vehicles, which may never be used upon a highway.
  What does this mean? Click Frequently Asked Questions About Emission Laws And Regulations.
Assembled in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.Assembled in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.

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