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3-Gauge Dash Panel
2004-08 RX-8

Part Number: BB11815

Reg. Price: $244.98
Sale Price: $125.00


3-Gauge Dash Panel - 2004-08 RX-8 - Detail 13-Gauge Dash Panel - 2004-08 RX-8 - Detail 2

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3-Gauge Dash Panel
2004-08 RX-8

RX-8 3-Gauge Panel - 2004-08

Bargain Bin: Ouch! This panel apparently had an air bubble that collaped in the left upper corner, and a solid dink mark on the right upper corner. Not sure just how visible these will be once installed, if you don't care about a blem....this this part is for you. We're selliing this for 50% off. Only one, actual part shown in detail photos above. 

We offer the Racing Beat-designed RX-8 3-Gauge Panel Kit for the dedicated "do-it-yourself" mechanic. This hand-laid fiberglass, high-gloss black gauge panel features three (3) openings that are suitable for use with a variety of 2-1/16" OD gauges. This curved face panel has been designed to install easily into the 2004-08 RX-8's center console and replaces the cigarette ashtray.

Note: Mounting your selected gauges will require that you develop your own retaining bracket for use with your specific gauges. We've included a photo above showing a suggested mounting method using a single u-bracket from the gauge component and our own fabricated cross bracket.Spacing is very tight between each opening as required by the available space in the dash recess, we utilized a standard plastic retaining bracket from a Autometer gauge, reduced the length of the round plastic body and then created a metal bracket that retains all three gauges. 


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