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Type I Front Nose Kit
04-08 RX-8

Part Number: 67107

Price: $746.13


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Type I Front Nose Kit
04-08 RX-8

Racing Beat offers our Type I Nose kit for the Mazda 2004-08 RX-8 application. Designed in Japan under the direction of Racing Beat, this nose kit offers a dramatic new look to the RX-8.

Unlike previous components that we have offered for the RX-7 applications, the design, modeling, and production molding of the body components for the RX-8 were developed and completed entirely in Japan. Once finished, the molds were sent to the US for production of the final components.


The Type I Nose is a complete replacement nose unit and utilizes the stock mounting hardware and mounting points. The large horizontal grill openings allow adequate airflow for the oil coolers, air conditioning and water radiators.

Have you ever wondered why the upper two-thirds of the center mouth opening on your RX-8 is non-functional? Go ahead and look and you will notice that area behind the plastic mesh grill is actually closed with a "fake" grill. The reason for this quite simple, if this area was open you would see a large "bumper bar" assembly (topped with a piece of Styrofoam for 5 MPH impact protection) located directly behind this opening. For this reason, many of the various aftermarket noses that feature a large central opening must hide this bar with some type of screen, cover, grill, etc.. We designed the Type I nose to completely cover this bumper bar and eliminate the need for an additional insert or cover.

If required, an optional Fog Light Relocation Kit is available to reposition the stock OEM driving lights to a location inside the central mouth opening. In addition, if you wish to add the genuine Mazda OEM emblem to your new nose, we offer these available at a very reasonable price.

Produced exclusively in the United States using high-quality fiberglass materials, the Racing Beat nose kit is ready for final fitting and sanding prior to painting. Complete instructions are provided for removal of the stock nose, repositioning of the driving lights, recommended preparation steps prior to painting, and final installation.

Review a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding installation, painting, and shipping of our body components.

The size of the nose kit requires that this component be shipped via truck freight. Freight charges will vary depending on your location, if you require an exact freight quote prior to shipping; we suggest you contact us for complete information. If you are considering the purchase of other fiberglass components, we recommend that you combine these components to minimize shipping costs.

Made in the USAMade in the USA under license by Racing Beat, Inc.

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