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RX-8 PCM Flash REN.V1- Stock Engines
04-08 RX-8 *

Part Number: 11307

Price: $395.00

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RX-8 PCM Flash REN.V1- Stock Engines
04-08 RX-8 *

The Racing Beat REN.V1 RX-8 PCM Flash* is intended for use on a basically "stock" engine with only minor peripheral changes (exhaust muffler, intake air box, etc..) and is not intended for highly modified engines (ported, supercharged or turbocharged).

For complete DETAILS AND SPECIFICATIONS of the flash service, select this link.

Flash service is currently available ONLY for United States & Canadian-spec 2004-08 RX-8 models - Manual Transmission equipped.

Download an Order Form (PDF) - Online ordering not available for this service.

We also offer a Racing Beat REN.V2 Track/Race PCM flash, which is intended for cars running at sustained high RPMs using an open (no catalytic converters) exhaust, and a very low restriction muffler. The REN.V2 PCM flash has been tuned to optimize mid-range performance as a result of the exhaust gas flow offered by the low restriction exhaust. For more information regarding this version, follow the link above.

Flash Process and Procedure
This flash service is performed on YOUR PCM unit. Each RX-8 PCM unit has been programmed for each specific chassis and is intended to communicate with the security "immobilization" system. For this reason we do not offer a PCM "trade-in" service, we MUST flash the PCM unit that came equipped with your car. (The immobilization information is retained during the Racing Beat flash and is not overwritten.)

It also assumes that all vehicle systems are operating as Mazda intended (no "check engine" light). The Racing Beat flash will not "fix" any problem that already exists in your vehicle. If there is any other problem with the engine (or the PCM, for that matter), your performance results will be different from ours.

If a Mazda dealer flashes the PCM the Racing Beat flash will NOT be retained. When leaving your car with a Mazda dealer, if there is any possibility that the dealer might have reason to flash the PCM, inform the dealer that you are satisfied with the current flash. If the dealer were to flash your PCM (thereby replacing the Racing Beat programming on it), we would flash your PCM for 50% of the current flash price. (Depending on availability of service and programming.) Your dealer will not be aware of the Racing Beat flash - except indirectly through the fan "on" temps, higher red line, or the extra power. There are no visible external signs on the PCM unit that it has been flashed.

To download the PCM Removal Instructions and Order Form (PDF), select this link.

Important Note (9/06): Mazda USA has issued an emissions related recall for RX-8's that were produced up to June 1, 2006. (It is our understanding that cars in dealer's inventories from June 1, 2006 through August 2006 were updated at the dealership.) This recall involves a reflash of the PCM and replacement of the spark plugs. In California, and other selected states, you are REQUIRED to have this emission recall performed prior to renewal of your registration. If you are considering having your PCM flashed by Racing Beat, FIRST have your unit updated by Mazda. This process will 1) allow you to renew your registrations, and 2) update the system records with Mazda.

After Mazda services your car, Racing Beat can reflash your PCM. Our flash programs are based on the most current versions offered by Mazda, and you can be assured that your performance upgrade will be based upon the most current program that is being offered.


* Legal in California only for racing vehicles, which may never be used upon a highway.
  What does this mean? Click Frequently Asked Questions About Emission Laws And Regulations.
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