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Side Housing Re-surfacing
All Rotaries

Part Number: 11041

Price: $115.22

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Side Housing Re-surfacing
All Rotaries

Rotary engine side housing re-surfacing is highly recommended when rebuilding your engine, if the extent of wear permits. Our in-house resurfacing process utilizes a lapping table and an optical grade polishing compound to produce a surface finish that exceeds even the factory finish. The superiority of this lapping process well exceeds what is generally available through surface grinding operations.

This service is performed at Racing Beat's production facility in Anaheim, California. Prices listed are PER SIDE. Return shipment freight charges are not included in the listed price. Contact Racing Beat at (714) 779-8677 (8-12, 1-5 PST) for further technical information, scheduling, turn-around times, payment methods, and shipping information. Prices listed are per side.

Side housings with excessive wear, damage, heavy scoring, or that have been previously resurfaced may not be suitable for this service. Upon receipt of your shipment, Racing Beat will inspect each side housing and we will contact you if problems or concerns arise with your order.

Minimum Tolerances 

1986-95 Housings
We recommend removing no more than .002-inch of material from each side of the 1986-95 housing surfaces to maintain the integrity of the O-ring grooves.

1971-85 housings
We can remove material to the following minimum thicknesses:
Front Housing: 1.568-inch
Intermediate Housing: 1.955-inch
Rear Housing: 2.355-inch.

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