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4789 E. Wesley Drive, Anaheim, CA 92807
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Hours of Operation

Racing Beat is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm (PST). We welcome visitors to our showroom during business hours.

Racing Beat products can be purchased directly from our showroom during normal business hours. We accept cash, cashiers check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

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We can be contacted by telephone at 714-779-8677. We have found that the least busy times to contact us by telephone are the early morning or late afternoon hours (PST).

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Racing Beat can be contacted our online contact form.

Racing Beat Logos and Banners

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Our Facilities

Racing Beat LLC.: 4789 E. Wesley Drive, Anaheim, CA 92807

Racing Beat’s sales and administrative functions are conducted our 11,000-sq. ft. building located on E. Wesley Drive. This building was purchased in 1996 to handle our ever-expanding inventory and office requirements. This building contains our showroom, sales and administrative staff.

Racing Beat Production, Research, Design

Our original building, located on Hancock Street, contains all production, research & design, engine-dyno facilities, and project/race vehicle development. This building contains a machine complete shop with extensive metal fabrication capabilities. Racing Beat welders have access to MIG, TIG and Heli-arc welding equipment depending on the specific application.

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Racing Beat Production, Research, Design Shop

An overview of the production facilities highlights the engine dyno room, welding stations, machine shop and special project work areas. Selected Racing Beat exhaust systems, headers, presilencers, and Style Bars are assembled and welding in these areas.

Our Founders

Racing Beat Founders: Takayuki Oku & Jim Mederer

Racing Beat Founders
Takayuki Oku & Jim Mederer

Jim Mederer and 2001 3-Rotor Race Engine

Jim Mederer (1942-2016)
3-rotor 1000 HP Drag Race Engine

Our Special Projects

Download an expanded copy of the Racing Beat History in a PDF Format (900K).

The following is an abbreviated list of Racing Beat special projects:
1977 NHRA RX-3 – Drag racing project car – class record holder
1978 Bonneville RX-7 – 1st Generation RX-7, boosted class speed record from 167 to 184 MPH
1979-80 IMSA GTU RX-7 – GTU Overall Champion, 1st and 2nd in GTU class
1982 Developed single rotor engine for NASA
1983 IMSA GTO RX-7 – Winner 24 Hours of Daytona and Mosport races, GTO class
1984 IMSA GTP – Developed engines for BF Goodrich GTP car and Jim Russell Mazda Pro Series.
1985 Developed engines for Mickey Thompson off-road series. Developed 4-rotor engine.
1986 Bonneville RX-7 – 2nd Generation RX-7, boosted speed record from 210 to 238 MPH.
1987 Developed RX-7 convertible. Car & Driver cover story.
1990 Rotary Pickup truck for Hot Rod Magazine feature article. Introduced Miata product line.
1993 Bonneville RX-7 – 3rd generation RX-7 – while attempting record run, car overturns at approx. 220 MPH. Damage is only moderate, we will return!
1994 Racing Beat Miata sets Motor Trend Magazines all time slalom record – 73.6 MPH. Bonneville event rained out.
1995 Bonneville RX-7 – Back in Black RX-7 boosts land speed record to 241 MPH.
1996 Introduced RSR Exhaust and Suspension Spring product line for Japanese imports.
1997 Purchased new building – rebuild and remodel offices.
1998 Engineered 3-rotor, single turbo drag racing engine producing 700 HP @ 8700 RPM. - Developed performance products for 1999 Miata.
1999 Developed 3-rotor single turbo aviation engine producing 900 HP @ 6750 RPM. Racing Beat Miata sets all time Sport Compact Car Magazine skidpad record - (1.1g) and slalom record (70.6 MPH).
2000 Contributed to the research and development of the Mazda Performance Series (MPS) Protege MP3. Joint effort with Mazda North American and Racing Beat. Protege MP3 sets Sport Compact Car Magazine front-wheel drive slalom record - 68.4 MPH. Racing Beat was selected as the OEM supplier of performance mufflers for the MP3 project.
2002 Continuing the development of products for the 2001 Miata. Contributed to the development of two special project Miatas at the request of Mazda Corporation. Introduction of performance parts for the Protege product line. Continued development on the 2003 & 2003.5 MazdaSpeed Protege with Mazda USA. Racing Beat was selected as the OEM supplier of performance mufflers for the Mazdaspeed Protege project.
2003-04 Undertook extensive development work on the RX-8. Assisted with Mazda North America Operations on several RX-8 pre-release projects.
2005 Introduced the REVi Intake and exhaust components for the RX-8. Initiated work on products for the Mazda3 and Mazda6 applications.
2006 Developed a ECU reflash program for the RX-8 application. Completed work on the Racing Beat aluminum side housings.
2007 Built a peripheral-port 20B 3-rotor engine for Mazda USA which was incorporated into the Mazda Furai concept race vehicle and later debuted at the Detroit Autoshow.
2008 Developed a Furai "rotor-shaped" universal muffler unit for use on custom exhaust applications.
2009 Continued developmental work on Mazda3 exhaust and suspension components for both the sedan and 5-door models.
2010 Debuted a completely revised website with expanded photo gallery and tech tip sections. Purchased a new 2010 Mazda3 2.5 5-door model for use in the development of new products.
2010 Debuted a completely revised website with expanded photo gallery and tech tip sections. Purchased a new 2010 Mazda3 2.5 5-door model for use in the development of new products.
2011 Introduced exhaust and suspension products for the Mazda2 application. Sponsored National Champion Jeff Kiesel in the 2011 KFR / Goodyear Tire / Racing Beat Rotary Turbo Sprite in the SCCA Pro Solo class.
2012 Racing Beat worked with Mazda USA to develop and produce the exhaust systems on two SEMA-bound CX-5 show cars. This project was the starting point for a line of Racing Beat exhaust systems for both the Mazda3 and CX-5 Skyactiv applications.
2013 Racing Beat installed a 2004 Renesis engine and transmission into a MOTEC-sponsored rotary-pickup project vehicle. Fitted with the lastest engine management system and components from MOTEC and a fully-customized exhaust system by Racing Beat, this 70's era classic received a stunning classic upgrade!
2013 Racing Beat partnered with Mazda USA on the development of exhaust systems on three all-new 2014 Mazda 6 and Mazda 3 vehicles bound for the Las Vegas SEMA show.
2015 Racing Beat teamed up with Mazda USA and the University of California-Irvine (UCI) Advanced Power and Energy Program on a joint project to develop a Distributive Generation/Combined Heat and Power (DG/CHP) system, essentially a small natural gas powered Renesis rotary-engine generator system with waste heat recovery benefits.
2016 Took possesion of an all-new 2016 Mazda MX-5 Club ND, introduced exhaust and suspension products.
2018 Revamped our Power Pulse RX-7 exhaust product line with the introduction of stainless steel muffler units for the 1979-85 RX-7 applications.
2020 Added a new line of Power Pulse Sport Exhaust components for the early 1990-2005 Miata line. Featuring a more aggressive tone and lighter weight for race and sport applications.

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