CARB Exemption Decal

CARB Exemption Decals

Thank you for your request for a CARB (California Air Resources Board) exemption decal for your Racing Beat component. This decal indicates that this product has been granted an emissions exemption from CARB and will not negatively impact the emissions performance of the vehicle once installed. This decal is required to be displayed on the vehicle/part during mandatory tailpipe emissions testing.

Due to fraudulent distribution of exemption decals in the automotive aftermarket and the subsequent use of these decals on non-exempt products, CARB has implemented specific requirements for the issuance of exemption decals. Failure for Racing Beat to obtain adequate documentation of ownership may result in the suspension by CARB of our exemption for that particular product. We apologize for any inconvenience this verification process may cause. Read the following and select the option that best suits your requirements:

Products Purchased Directly From Racing Beat:

If the product was purchased directly from Racing Beat we can search our records for proof of the purchase transaction. Please provide the complete name of the ordering party, approximate purchase date, part number or part description (including vehicle model year) to facilitate our search. Contact us at 714-779-8677 during normal business hours.

Products Purchased From A Racing Beat Dealer:

If the part was purchased through an authorized Racing Beat Dealer, proof-of-purchase by the way of an original invoice or receipt is required. Contact your dealer to request a duplicate copy of the sales invoice.

Products Purchased Used, Already Installed On A Vehicle, or No Proof Of Purchase Is Available:

If the product was purchased second-hand, already installed on a used vehicle, or you cannot obtain proof-of-purchase, we require that you send a photos (1-2 JPEG photos) showing the part installed on your vehicle. It is important that the photos clearly show any identifying Racing Beat logos or marks so that we can verify this part as a genuine Racing Beat product.

Sending Your Request and Documentation:

Your request can be sent via email, fax, or mail. Include your name, email address, phone number, and complete mailing address with your request and documentation.

In Person:

Exemption decals can also be obtained through a visual verification by visiting the Racing Beat administration/sales building during normal operation hours.


Send your email requests, documentation, and photos to:,


Send your fax requests documentation, and photos to: 714-779-2902


Send your request via mail requests, documentation, and photos to:

Racing Beat LLC
Attn: CARB Decal
4789 E Wesley Drive
Anaheim, CA 92807


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