Protege Muffler Test

Protege Exhaust Dyno Test

Racing Beat Exhaust System for Protege Sedan and Protege 5

Protege Exhaust Dyno Test

The following dyno test was conducted on a low mileage, "stock" 2002 Mazda Protege Sedan ES. Prior to the dyno test, the oil level was checked, the air filter was cleaned, and a new set of factory spec NGK spark plugs were installed. The dyno tests were conducted on 5/13/02 at Dynamic Autosports in Irvine, CA.

Protege Exhaust Dyno Test

Our normal dyno testing procedure is to allow the car to warm-up to operating temperature while on the dyno prior to making the first run. (Typically the car is still warm from the 30 minute trip to Dynamic Autosports from our Anaheim shop.) We will normally make three dyno runs to establish a pattern of consistent baseline runs. We typically do not use the "best " of the three runs, but we have found that the second run will usually produce an "average" run. For this test session we ran four (4) baseline (stock exhaust) runs and selected the third run for our BASELINE run. (Note: Due to a dyno "setup" issue, the first run was not completed.)

Next, the stock exhaust system was removed from the car and the Racing Beat exhaust system was installed. Installation took approximately 30 minutes and required only a small selection of hand tools. The car was allowed to warm-up on the dyno and the next series of three (3) dyno runs were conducted, and the second run was selected for our COMPARISON run.

Applicable Models

The Racing Beat cat-back exhaust system is intended for use on all 2001-02 Protege Sedans (LX 2.0 & ES models) and 2002 Protege 5 models. Each system consists of a presilencer section, s-pipe, and rear muffler. The difference between the sedan and 5 system is the length of the outlet tube that extends from the rear of the muffler canister. (The outlet tube on the 5 is shorter.) Since both the sedan and the 5 share the same 2.0 liter engine, dyno results are comparable between these two models.

Protege Exhaust Dyno Test Protege Exhaust Dyno Test

Dyno Test Results

The dyno results were consistent with our prior tests sessions with the Protege. It has been our experience that significant horsepower gains will be "hard earned" from the Protege... Mazda simply didn't leave much untapped horsepower behind!

But, the exhaust system did produce a marked increase over the stock system during our test session. As the test results show, a peak gain of 4.7 Hp was recorded at 5750 RPM.

Protege Exhaust Dyno Test

Testing Statement

All data provided above is presented as accurate, unaltered and unedited. Comment lines have been added to the dyno test sheets for clarification purposes. We attempt to provide "average" test results that reflect the true performance characteristics of each product. Experience has shown that dyno test results will vary from car-to-car, from test session-to-test session, and product-to-product. The same products installed on your vehicle may offer MORE, the SAME, or LESS power than our results recorded on our test vehicle.

Contact Racing Beat for more information or comments regarding this test.

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