Rotary Engine Exhaust Headers

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Prototype headers for the RX-8 Renesis engine.

One of the most effective methods to improve the performance output the rotary engine is through the use of an exhaust header. A wide variety of header units are available for almost every possible exhaust configuration. We suggest that you make your selection based on the following possibilities. Four different types of headers are available to suit most street and racing applications:

1. Our Road Race Headers have been very popular over the years for use in a wide variety of applications. While originally intended for racing, these headers are entirely suitable for "street" use when either a "long primary" exhaust system is desired or the switchover compatibility between a streetable exhaust system and a complete road racing system is needed. These headers can be used a a starting point for a custom "long" primary exhaust system, of as a bolt-on component for use with a Racing Beat "long primary" connecting pipe. For the 1979-85 RX-7, we offer two (2) versions of this connecting pipe for use with


2. The Road Racing Header is also offered as a Disassembled Header Kit. The kit includes all the flanges and mandrel bent tubing used in the assembled version, as well as an extra 180° bent tube. This disassembled version is ideal for those cars with chassis clearance problems, including custom and "kit car" applications. This kit allows you to custom fit your header to a specific engine/vehicle combination.


3. The Header with Outlet Flange for the RX-7 includes an integral collector and mating flange, thereby eliminating the need for "pipe-to-pipe" flanges. This feature simplifies installation and allows our Power Pulse™ Presilencer, an aftermarket replacement catalytic converter, catalytic replacement pipe, etc.. to bolt directly to the header outlet flange. All 1984-92 headers include an oxygen sensor fitting.


4. The Header without Outlet Flange is the header best suited for installation on pre-RX-7 models requiring the Power Pulse™ Presilencer. This header allows you to weld an outlet flange at the angle that most easily aligns the presilencer under the chassis.


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