Racing Beat 1986-92 RX-7 Header vs. Downpipe
What is best for my application?

The 1986-92 13B 6-port engines, in stock form with the factory fuel injection, produces similar power gains with either our Header/Presilencer combo or our Catalytic Converter Replacement Pipe (Downpipe) /Presilencer combination. If you have no intentions of installing our Holley intake System (or any other aftermarket carburetor setup), we recommend the use of the Cat Replacement Pipe (Downpipe) /Presilencer combo since it offers a slightly quieter exhaust note, is easier to install and is less costly. If you are intending to upgrade the intake or fuel injection system, the Header/Presilencer combo offers the greatest performance potential.

Cat Replacement Pipe (Downpipe)

Will the Racing Beat Cat Replacement Pipe (Downpipe) replace only the cat converters?

The cat replacement pipe connects to the factory exhaust manifold, and the presilencer connects to the factory Y-pipe, replacing all catalytic converters and intermediate tubing. It is not possible to use just the Racing Beat downpipe to replace only the catalytic converters. The use of the Racing Beat presilencer is required to complete the connection to the y-pipe. Although a short length of tubing can be substituted in place of the presilencer, we so not offer (or suggest) this due the unacceptable increase in exhaust noise.

Which Cat Replacement Pipe/ Presilencer combo do I need?

Racing Beat offers a variety of components for the 1986-92 RX-7s that are intended for a specific application. The 1986-88 RX-7 (non-turbo) utilizes exhaust back pressure to operate the 6-Port actuators on the intake manifold. Selected Racing Beat presilencer units include a pickup tube that will provide the correct pressure to operate the actuator valves.

Select your application from the list below, or review the item listings on the "Exhaust Components" drop down menu. All components can be purchased separately.


Can I use the Racing Beat header and retain the stock cat converters?

No. The Racing Beat header cannot be used with the stock cat converter(s). The tuned-length primary tubing does not allow adequate space to utilize any of the stock cat converters. Although it is possible to install an aftermarket cat converter in place of the presilencer unit, this approach is technically not emissions legal.

Why use a header instead of the cat converter replacement pipe (downpipe)?

The header is optimally suited to perform on an engine with upgraded intake or fuel injection system. A high performance street, street ported, or race engine will benefit from the more efficient exhaust gas flow of the header configuration.

Will the 6-port intake actuators function after the header is installed?

Yes, the 6-port intake actuators are operated by the back pressure from the pickup tube on the Racing Beat 1986-88 presilencer. If you decide to forgo the presilencer and install a "straight pipe" or aftermarket cat converter, make certain that a pickup tube is incorporated into your exhaust design or your 6-port intake actuators will not function! Note: The 6-port intake actuators on the 1986-88 13B 6-port are vacuum-operated by the exhaust system, the intake actuators on the 89-82 13B 6-port engine are operated by an engine-mounted air pump and do NOT require this exhaust pick-up tube feature.

Which Header/Presilencer combo do I need?

Unlike the Cat Converter (Downpipe) / Presilencer combos, we do not offer similar header package combos. Due to the various numbers of header and presilencer combinations that are possible, we simply do not have the capacity to keep all of the possible combinations in stock!

Here's how to select the correct combo:

  1. Select the 1986-92 RX-7 Streetable Header
  2. Then, choose the correct Presilencer for your application:

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