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Strut Tower Brace
1979-85 RX-7

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Strut Tower Brace - 1979-85 RX-7 - Detail 1Strut Tower Brace - 1979-85 RX-7 - Detail 2Strut Tower Brace - 1979-85 RX-7 - Detail 3

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Strut Tower Brace
1979-85 RX-7

Strut Tower Brace - 1979-85 RX7

The Racing Beat strut tower brace for the 1979-85 RX-7 is back after a 20 year disappearance! We rediscovered the old tooling, consulted with our aluminum casting shop, contacted the original sheet metal supplier of the brace components and decided to assemble a few prototypes. We had to make a few adjustments and test fit them on several RX-7 chassis, and now, they're ready to go!

Pre-Production Run - Special Pricing (limited quantity)
We decided to produce a limited amount of braces on our initial run in order to reintroduce ourselves to the production process. A small learning curve and a few modifications later we've confident that we can successfully complete these braces. However, the one variable that we can't control are individual charateristics of your RX-7, we need your feedback with any fitting or alignment concerns you might experience. Parts from this first run may have slight visual variances that will be eliminated on the next run. A great opportunity to get a brace for your car at this lower price!

NOTE: This brace is not compatible with aftermarket top hats with shorter studs (ie BC Coilovers/Moog) without modifications to the alumium mounts.  Please contact RB for modification service. 

Fitting Notes:
- Compatible with Racing Beat Air Filter Assembly
- May required the use of a shorter alternator belt (depending on your alternator brand)
- Compatible with Weber IDA and Holley carburetors (other large intake systems or air filters may not be compatible)

The Racing Beat strut tower brace was designed as a triangular brace that mounts against the firewall and onto the top of each shock tower. Cast-aluminum base mounts are attached to the top of the shock towers providing a secure mounting location for the brace. The rear of the brace utilizes the four mounting holes located behind the hood latch assembly. 

Manufactured in-house by Racing Beat, the strut brace features laser-cut and precision bent brace components, extremely strong cold-rolled steel cross bracing, and a laser-cut firewall mounting flange. The aluminum mounting towers utilize the original casting patterns and are surface tumbled to enhance their appearance. The brace comes equipped with all required mounting hardware and a detailed instruction sheet.

Why a strut tower brace?
In earlier passenger vehicle design the benefits and importance of chassis stiffness and bracing was still in it's infancy. A more practical application was in motor sports where chassis improvements proved to yield significant handling and performance benefits on the track. With regards to the RX-7, the location of the shock towers were positioned inward into the engine bay and provided a platform for the addition of a brace. Positioned high in the engine compartment to clear engine components, the Racing Beat designed brace incorporates a strong horizontal bar that firmly connects these two towers together - noticeably reducing front end chassis flexing. While other aftermarket braces feature heim-joint connections and weak vertical attachment points, these style braces are typically designed for ease-of-installation and the incorporation of any pivot point will reduce their effectiveness.


Made in the USAMade in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.
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