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REV TII Exhaust System
87-91 TURBO II *

Part Number: 16425

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REV TII Exhaust System - 87-91 TURBO II - Detail 1REV TII Exhaust System - 87-91 TURBO II - Detail 2REV TII Exhaust System - 87-91 TURBO II - Detail 3

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REV TII Exhaust System
87-91 TURBO II *

1987-91 RX-7 TURBO REV II Complete High Performance Exhaust System
 If you own a TURBO II RX-7 and you've found your way to this webpage, congratulations! Why? Because your search for an exhaust system for your car ends here. Simply put, this is the ultimate exhaust for any Turbo II RX-7!

The REV TII High Performance RX-7 Exhaust is legendary with FC3S owners.  This RX-7 exhaust system includes a 3-inch OD REV TII Down Pipe from the turbo outlet that mates to a REV TII Presilencer section. The outlet of the presilencer connects to the inlet of the REV TII Y-Pipe which routes the exhaust gases down two 2.375-inch OD (60mm) pipes into a pair of left and right REV TII Power Pulse Mufflers. Once installed, this bolt-on exhaust system increases horsepower approximately 32% - that's a 59 HP increase on a 1987 Turbo II RX-7!

To view a detailed photo of the system components, select from the following list:

1. Downpipe
2. Presilencer
3. Y-Pipe
4. Right Muffler
5. Left Muffler

The REV TII High Performance RX-7 Exhaust system reduces exhaust gas back-pressure significantly, thereby allowing the un-assisted turbo boost pressure to increase to 10-11 psi. (Note: A fuel cut controller device is required to prevent fuel cutoff to the rear rotor above the factory pre-set limit.)

This bolt-on system uses the stock mounting points for ease of installation. Each system is supplied with all necessary mounting hardware and gaskets. (The kit does not include turbo outlet gasket, if needed it can be ordered separately.) The down pipe section is provided with a position for the oxygen sensor.

We also offer individually the components comprising the REV II Complete High Performance Exhaust system for those individuals wishing to build custom exhaust systems for their specialized applications. See the individual items in the "Hi-Perf Exhaust Systems" pull-down menu, or click here for a complete listing. Important Note: The REV TII components in this system are not interchangeable with any Mazda stock or other Racing Beat exhaust components.

Replacement Rubber Exhaust Hangers
We recommend the replacement of the original rubber exhaust hangers during the installation of any new exhaust component. It is our experience that over time the original rubber hangers can deteriorate, crack, and fail; which can result in the incorrect alignment of the exhaust system. If needed, we offer a complete hanger replacement kit which includes ALL required hangers for your RX-7.

We offer replacement exhaust hangers for all models of 1986-92 RX-7's. Review the Exhaust Hanger Chart for details on the exact components that are required for your exhaust system.

* Legal in California only for racing vehicles, which may never be used upon a highway.
  What does this mean? Click Frequently Asked Questions About Emission Laws And Regulations.
Made in the USAMade in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.

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