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Sway Bar Package
93-95 RX-7

Part Number: SuspensionPackage93-95Sway

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Sway Bar Package
93-95 RX-7

Sway bar set 1993-95
Our Racing Beat designed solid front sway bar offers the RX-7 enthusiast the opportunity for enhanced road handling ability under both street and high performance driving conditions.

The Racing Beat Sway bar set includes:
Front Sway Bar
Rear Sway Bar

Front Sway Bar Specifications
Improve the handling of your RX-7 with our 1.25-inch front Solid Sway Bar. Each front sway bar is supplied with our reinforced heavy duty mounting bracket and replacement urethane bushings. The stock connecting links are retained to ease installation.

Stock Front Bar: 28.6mm OD/19.8mm ID Tubular
Racing Beat Front Bar: 31.75mm OD Solid

The front bar is approx 1.97 times (97% stiffer) as stiff as the stock bar and weighs approx 20 lbs. We recommend the use of the Racing Beat Sway Bar Brace Kit with any aftermarket front sway bar.

Rear Sway Bar Specifications
Our Racing Beat-designed adjustable Rear Sway Bar provides a matched balance for the performance of our front sway bar. This high-strength 4130 chrome-moly 3/4" OD tubular rear bar includes urethane bar bushings and OEM-style retaining clamps, which prevent lateral movement of the bar during heavy cornering loads. The front and rear sway bar combination that we've offered for the 93-95 RX-7 has been extremely popular over the years conitunes to be a strong seller. 

Stock Rear Bar:
1993- 17.3mm OD/12.19mm ID Tubular
1994- 13.8mm OD/12.19mm ID Tubular
1995- 15.9mm OD/12.19mm ID Tubular

Racing Beat Bar:
19.05mm OD/9.53 ID Tubular

Increase in stiffness as compared with the respective stock bar is as follows:

1993- 1.83 times as stiff (83% stiffer than stock)
1994- 3.63 times as stiff (263% stiffer than stock)
1995- 2.95 times a stiff as (195% stiffer than stock)

Made in the USAMade in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.

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